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"Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative."
~ Mordecai Siegal
Our Services
Price Change Effective 12/1/2014

1 dog per night is $25, 2 dogs in same run per night is $40 and 3 dogs in same run is $60.
Now offering individual structured play and exercise at $10/session or $25/3 sessions.

We charge $25 per day per dog regardless of size. Family rates for dogs who stay together are available. 
Additional special services will be on a case by case basis, such as travel to vet, pick up at home or airport, etc.

Due our desire to maintain the "country" lifestyle and setting for our kennel we have decided not to top our runs. Since our primary concern is your dog's comfort and safety we can not take dogs who climb or jump 6 foot chain link fencing. We will be happy to refer you to someone who does top their runs.

Dog Wash:
With the addition of Samantha Wyatt to our onsite staff we now offer dog wash which includes baths, nails, anal glands, ears and minor trims. Samantha can be reached on her direct phone at 704/739-5522.
Hours are as follows: 
Monday thru Friday: 8AM to 6PM. Gate is closed between noon and 2PM for lunch.
Saturday: 8AM to noon.
Sunday: Pick up and drop off between 3PM and 5PM.
Pick up after 6PM on M-F or after noon on Saturday pays through the day of pick up.

Visitors are always welcome. We would love to have you come and see our facility. Please call first if possible.

Additional services may be available at an additional charge. Barn boarding by special arrangement only with a daily charge of $35 per day per dog. We also offer a one on one on property in home option for smaller, older or special needs dogs by prior arrangement. Dog stays in a home environment. Charge is based on need level and starts at $35 per night. ONLY one dog per night is accepted so call well in advance for this service.

Multiple cancellations, cancellations without 48 hours advance notice and/or "no shows" may be subject to a $100 non-refundable deposit for future reservations. Extended boarding is subject to 50% payable in advance. We are a small kennel and limit the number of dogs we accept so your pet can receive personal care and attention.